Cooper Consolidated owns and operates 12 mid-stream berths on the Lower Mississippi. With a century of stevedoring performance and AmClyde floating cranes, we pride ourselves on our longstanding commitment to the industry.

  • We have a total of 12 mid-stream berths to unload your vessel with various equipment options and river service support to meet your cargo handling needs.

  • Our LMO is a unique barge-mounted conveying system that offers coal and petroleum coke exporters with quality control features not found in other mid-stream loading operations, such as a magnet, mechanical sampling, belt scale, and water drainage.

  • The America, our floating grain elevator transfers grain and grain byproducts directly from barge to vessel.

  • We operate 24/7 so your shipment doesn't lose time.

  • We soft handle your cargo to preserve its integrity so it is delivered the way you received it.

  • We are deeply rooted in the maritime industry with river services to support our stevedoring operation