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Innovative Transfer Technologies &
Seamless Cargo Movements

About Us
Cooper Consolidated, LLC is a balanced, asset based provider of stevedoring, barge, marine, and logistics services. Our specialties are innovative transfer technologies and seamless cargo movements. Our services span the entire reach of the Lower Mississippi River between Southwest Pass and Baton Rouge. These services are provided and directed by our own assets and employees, thereby providing our customers with the most reliable and flexible service that can be achieved.
Our Services

We are logistical leaders here to help you develop and manage your freight needs efficiently, safely, and on budget. Our entrepreneurial sprit…

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Located in the gulf with access to several terminals throughout the Midwest, we’re well positioned to handle your logistical needs...

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Contact Us

Feel free to contact any of our offices or operations managers. If you would like to contact us regarding a freight quote, you can fill one out online.

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About Cooper Consolidated

Cooper Consolidated began as an operating, sales and marketing agreement between Cooper/T.Smith Stevedoring (CTS) and Consolidated Terminals and Logistics Co. (CTLC), a division of CGB Enterprises, Inc. Prior to the inception of Cooper Consolidated, both companies were established in the raw materials industry as experts in handling and transporting shipper's bulk and breakbulk commodities; with CTLC's expertise being the inland river system and CTS's expertise in stevedoring. Due to the entrepreneurial spirit instilled in CTS and CTLC, both companies have developed natural extensions to their family of businesses over the years that has made the joining of Cooper Consolidated a powerful relationship.