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We are your one stop shop for transporting, handling, and storing your cargo. We can take responsibility of your freight throughout its entire trip around the world and manage it for you every step of the way. Our team of logistics professionals work together in a seamless manner to protect you and your cargo. With our diverse asset base our team provides unparalleled support, improved communications, and a better overall experience for our customers.

  • Package services make your shipment a seamless journey with ONE clear and easy to understand bill.

  • One point of contact who takes full ownership of your shipment from start to finish.

  • We know how important it is for you to know the status of our shipment. Once your cargo is moving, we keep you informed through our daily freight updates.

  • Unlike many other logistics providers, our numerous owned assets give us a competitive advantage in contract pricing, improved communications, and additional service support.



As a result of established relationships with Class I railroads, our rail team is able to offer you rail service with competitive rates and freight management. Our logistics team communicates closely with the railroads to manage your shipment; they coordinate on both the loading and unloading of your cargo and track the status of your shipment during transport.

Our affiliated companies have over 14 owned and operated rail-loading facilities located on the Mississippi, Illinois, Ohio, and Arkansas rivers. With these assets, we are able to offer direct rail loading and/or unloading services with direct access to most Class 1 and several short line railroads that operate throughout North America. Ground, dome and silo storage are offered at many of our facilities.

Even further, through leases and ownership within our family of companies, we control approximately 700 rail cars that enable us to provide you with both rail equipment and logistics. We can dedicate our rail assets to your large volume projects offering you more control over the destiny of your shipment.



Need to move your cargo by road? Whether you need trucking service added to a full logistics package to reach your end receiver or you need to move one truck load, we can arrange to provide an expert trucking company to service your needs. We have load coordinators and brokers on hand 24/7, including holidays and weekends. Trucking services include, but are not limited to, flatbed, van, reefer, pneumatic, and end-dump transportation.

  • We operate a fleet of end-dumps, pneumatics, vans, and flatbeds that haul salt, plastic, grain, fertilizers, sand, coal, and other bulk and break-bulk commodities.

  • Through one of our affiliated trucking companies we typically transport over 400,000 tons of salt a year with much of this coming from de-icing salt during the winter months

  • Our trucking group is available 24/7, 7 days a week, including Holidays and Weekends.

  • Each carrier must be thoroughly evaluated via our carrier monitoring service before they are added to our internal database.



Whether you are shipping freight domestically or importing/exporting in the U.S., we can provide you with terminaling services to handle and/or store your cargo. We own and operate numerous U.S. terminals that can handle your shipment. We also have strong industry relationships that enable us to manage your freight needs through third party facilities.

  • We offer numerous all purpose inland river terminals to handle and/or store your cargo. 

  • Our family of companies own and operate river terminals on the Lower/Upper Mississippi River, Ohio River, Illinois River, Arkansas River, Tombigbee River, and Black Warrior River.

  • We can offer you value added services at our terminals, such as bagging or pelletizing that are tailored to your needs.

  • We can develop transportation and handling programs to fit your large scale projects.