Our Services

Our people at Cooper Consolidated are logistics leaders here to help you develop and manage your freight needs in the most efficient, safe, and economical way. Our culture prides itself on an entrepreneurial spirit within our people that breeds innovation and ownership resulting in array of logistics solutions. We specialize in a variety of transportation and handling services to best manage your shipment and give you the result of our one seamless journey.


We are your one stop shop for transporting, handling, and storing your cargo.  We can take responsibility of your freight throughout its entire trip around the world and manage it for you every step of the way.  Our team of logistics professionals work together in a seamless manner to protect you and your cargo. 


Cooper/Consolidated owns and operates twelve (12) mid-stream berths on the Lower Mississippi. With a century of stevedoring performance and a dedication to American made cranes, we pride ourselves on our longstanding commitment to the industry.


One of Cooper/Consolidated's more unique characteristics is its marine service.  Located in close proximity to our mid-stream anchorages in Laplace, LA, we offer barge cleaning and repair services at dockside and a turn fleet that can hold 500 + barges.

Project Cargo

Our team of logistics professionals are there to reduce the headaches and give ease to moving your project cargo. Using the most comprehensive resources in the industry, Cooper/Consolidated offers a highly efficient and cost effective means of transporting your cargo whether it is by vessel, barge, truck, or rail.


With an asset based contract carrier in our group of companies, we can offer you trucking service with our own equipment.  We have  load coordinators  and brokers on hand 24/7, including holidays and weekends available to you.


Cooper/Consolidated's rail team has strong relationships with both the Class I railroads and many short line railroads to offer you first class rail service with a small company feel.  In addition Cooper/Consolidated's affiliated companies have over 14 owned and operated rail-loading facilities located on the Mississippi, Illinois, Ohio, and Arkansas rivers.


We own and operate numerous U.S. terminals that can handle your shipment and have strong industry relationships that enable us to manage your freight needs through third party facilities. This allows us to deliver your commodities on a timely basis with minimal loss or shrink.


Cooper/Consolidated handles in excess of 10,000 barge loads per year.  These loads consist of all dry bulk, break bulk commodities and project cargo.